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التوجيه الحجاجي في الخطبة الفدكية للسيدة الزهراء(-عليها السلام-)

Authors: عبد الإله عبد الوهاب هادي العرداوي --- عبد الكريم حسين عبد السعداوي
Journal: Journal of University of Babylon مجلة جامعة بابل ISSN: 19920652 23128135 Year: 2017 Volume: 25 Issue: 4 Pages: 1464-1474
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


Guidance Hajjaji of terms that multiple cognitive science then overlap them theology, logic, grammar and tongue, which this led to the widening and tangles, but pluralism in cognitive conductors that run on Mahith this term to the importance that Iwlvha as a functional ideology and Alonjazah language, and have the nerve sensory carrier for injunction cognitive impairment of view across Almcol (content camel) to the receiver .To which we aspire in this approach of the term guidance, is the orientation adopted Allsaon narrators in the understanding of this term and the maximum care analyze what the speaker when he speaks, has been studying the force Alonjazah acts of speech led to the study of confrontations "relationship routers acts language, it knew Martin saying : "the rule of guidance on the rule that any judgment of the second class ... which would make room for a vast field of guidance, Vcolna: (is nothing more quickly) is telling the prompt, so that we say (merely) the rule is the same doomed by virtue of another to say of: (quickly), this means that each ordinary words is telling prompt .Do guidance falls within one of the types of linguistic acts formulated by Sorl has called deeds guidelines and unite as "all oratorical attempts by the sender to varying degrees to influence the consignee for the particular job in the future, and thus multiple acts dressing and guidance .Including orders and requests and suggestions and to the sender achieves guidance did in the speech it "uses other tools and various mechanisms, including the command methods, and forbidding, and the warning, the temptation, and links, and the factors orbital, and based on the role of context and place," Guiding Acts reflect the trend sender to be implemented addressee some acts in the future, and is it expresses the desire of the sender or, his wish to be a speech, or that his will that this involves a speech by the President they are the cause or the real motive in the act that will come by the consignee in the future are taken. That linguistic routers loaded with orbital card employed from Albat shall be able to guide ejected depending on the deliberate speech receipt and delivery requirements, as addressee stands speech when thresholds indicative / routers necessitated and employed in line and direct say on the one hand, and guide the Gathering to do what the other.It is here we find the nature of the speech, which was full of his sermon Alfdkih Mrs. Zahra -alleha Salam has the distinction of building lean guiding strategy on the goal of routing to suit the nature Almqamah and contextual, which in light of the sender directing the consignee via the language and the effort to the recipient directed towards a future act certain, so we find the sermon Alfdkih Mrs. Zahra Salam -alleha the orbital group of routers that wish persuasion and influence has been formed, and then the receiver directed toward work Maao left by (persuasion and bow).Have been received in the sermon Alfdkih set of routers certainties and we will adopt to project on a variety of factors and linguistic units that carry out the functions orbital, known Mochelor and Ropoul as "visible effects in the speech," it is visible in the structure ejected and has a guiding value in this ejected towards the result and strengthened, as they do not link the orbital variables, ie between the argument and the result, or between the arguments of a group as it gets with orbital links, but the inventory of potential orbital and restricted, ie that the worker Hajaji works on show (position) in the ejected, about this place works bug determine the direction hermeneutical right to get to the final result that will have impact in bringing about President guidance.In the light through the above shows that Hajaji guidance embodied his job factors orbital to carry the addressee by the conviction and left doubt and hesitation and denial, as well as on their ability to limit the potential interpretive and intentionality Remember, as well as narrow the gap between the speaker and the receiver and avoid controversy between them, and this is what we will see clearly in the frame Applied.

تتداخل في مصطلح التوجيه الحجاجي علوم كثيرة منها علم المنطق والنحو وغيرهما، فهو العصب الحسي الناقل للإيعاز الادراكي، فهو حكم على حكم، وعلى هذا فإن كل المحاولات الخطابية التي يقوم بها المرسل بحيث تتعدد افعال الإيعاز والتوجيه. ولا بد من استعانته بأدوات وآليات مختلفة منها أساليب الأمر والنهي والتحذير.... إستناداً الى دور السياق والمقام.وتأسيساً على هذا نجد طبيعة الخطاب في الخطبة الفدكية للزهراء – سلام الله عليها- إحتوت على موجهات حجاجية تبغي الأقناع والتأثير ثم توجه المتلقي، فهي بارزة للعيان في بنية الملفوظ، ولها قيمة توجيهيه في هذا الملفوظ بإتجاه النتيجة وتقويتها.فهي إقناع المتلقي بضرورة إرجاع إرث الزهراء – سلام الله عليها- فالعامل الحجاجي يعمل على إظهار (الموضع) في الملفوظ، حتى تتم إستجابة الخطاب، وترك الشك والتردد والانكار، وكذلك تضييق الفجوة بين المرسِل والمتلقي، وتجنب النقاشات والجدل بينهما، وعلى هذا صارت الموجهات الدينية ومنها القسم، الذي يعتمد العامل الحجاجي، والدعوى، والطاقة الحجاجية للقسم.وكذلك منها القصر، وهو تخصيص أمر بأمر بإسلوب معين والذي يعتمد على القيمة الحجاجيه للعامل، والموجهات التقريبية أو موجهات الشك التي تجعل الخطاب الذي ترد فيه ذا بعد موضوعي يبعث على التصديق والأقناع.

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