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الحريــــة فــي الاســـلام

Author: أ . د جميل حليل المعلة أ . د جميل حليل المعلة
Journal: Jurisprudence Faculty Journal مجلة كلية الفقه ISSN: 19957971 Year: 2015 Volume: 20 Issue: 20/12/2015 Pages: 1-19
Publisher: University of Kufa جامعة الكوفة


I brightened heavenly messages and calls of the prophets and free principles which rights granted strength and determination, and paid to build his life and his or her own free will, and the mind of an informed and these short periods relative to the movement of the long history, and except for those periods were human experiencing the absence of human life theater and political responsibility too far absent hope falls short of returning to life and civilization, and this was one of the main reasons for the growing tyranny and deepening and stay alive to do what he wants, and this is resulting in a loss of rights and wasting dignities, and made it possible for the tyrants of the Permanent appearing on the stage of life, though this bullying take many forms, historically and human development with the long trip to show various manifestations since the Pharaoh who enslaved his people and proclaimed himself Lord to him and those around them to his servants. O you publicly what you learned from God others))). This continued in the life of humanity through the relay feudalism that prevailed in Europe in ancient times as the man was a slave to the master of the earth and was human slave lesser of the dust of the earth, as it bought and sold at ridiculous prices, was the result of a dredge ignorance supported the interests of the politicians, the rich says: that people in the origin of creation two layers : masters and slaves, and the creation of God to serve the masters of slaves; so there is no room to complain about the creation of God, or the rejection of the law.

لقد أشرقت رسالات السماء ودعوات الأنبياء ومبادئهم الحرة التي منحت الإنسان قوة وعزيمة ، ودفعته ليبني حياته وحضارته بإرادة حرة ، وعقل مستنير وكانت هذه فترات قصيرة قياسا إلى حركة التاريخ الطويلة ، وما عدا تلك الفترات كانت البشرية تشهد غياب الإنسان عن مسرح الحياة والمسؤولية السياسية غيابا طويلا وبعيدا يقصر الأمل عن عودته إلى الحياة والحضارة ، وكان هذا من الأسباب الرئيسة في تنامي الإستبداد وإستفحاله وبقائه على قيد الحياة يفعل ما يشاء ، وهذا مما أدى إلى ضياع الحقوق وهدر الكرامات ، ومكّن للطواغيت من الظهور الدائم على مسرح الحياة ، وإنّ هذا التسلط أخذ أشكالا متعددة ، وتطوّراً تاريخياً مع رحلة الإنسان الطويلة ليظهر بمظاهر شتّى فمنذ فرعون الذي إستعبد شعبه ونصب نفسه رباً له وحولّهم إلى عبيد له.

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