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بناء برنامج تدريبي للتربية من أجل التنمية المستدامة لمدرسي علم الأحياء وأثره في الوعي


Research Summary: The goal of current research to:1.constracting training program of education for sustainable development(ESD) for teachers of biology in inter mediate school.2.know the effect school biology training according to the training program in environmental awareness to their students. Can be verified by the second and the third goal by testing zero hypotheses the following:1.there is no significant of statistically difference at the level of significance (0.05) between the average school grades students of the experimental group that participated in the training program and the average school grades students control group that did not participate in the training program in accordance with the scale of environmental awareness. Included research sample (36) of teachers of biology o inter mediate of the first group and distributed randomly into two groups, one trial included 18 teachers and a school and the other officer and included (18) teachers and a school were Mkavithma in variables (years of service, certificate, sex, previous experience (courses Previous). Included sample (180) of the students teachers experimental group of (10) students per teacher and a school, and included sample also (180) of the students teachers control group of (10) students per teacher and the school as it has been Mkavithma in variables (age, awareness environmental), the program dish first semester of the academic year (2014-2015) took the experiment a two-week intensive as trained researcher sets itself hosted specialists in the field of sustainable development of the school and the environment from the Ministry of Environment and specialists in educational and psychological sciences to contribute to inform the trainees on the latest developments in this field . Data processing has statistically by the researcher adopting the program (Microsoft Excel) and then the adoption of the bag Statistical Social Sciences (SPSS) test and the Mann Whitney test (T- test) equal to two independent samples. The preparation of training modules experimental group as the percentage (14) unit training included lectures and activities of different individual and collective display and educational films and field visits and mini projects. Was constracting scale environmental awareness of students, the number of paragraphs (66) a three alternatives (I agree, AC, I do not agree), respectively. The results also showed superiority of teachers of the experimental group which trained according to Education program for sustainable development at the school control group that were not trained according to the program of education for sustainable development in a changing environmental awareness of students of students. In light of the research results the researchers recommended a number of recommendations and suggestions.

هدف هذا البحث الى : 1-بناء برنامج تدريبي للتربية من أجل التنمية المستدامة لمدرّسي علم الأحياء في المدارس المتوسطة . 2-تعرف أثر تدريب مدرسي علم الأحياء على وفق البرنامج التدريبي في الوعي البيئي لطلبتهم . يمكن التحقق من الهدف الثاني بواسطة اختبار الفرضية الصفرية الآتية : 1-لا يوجد فرق ذو دلالة احصائية عند مستوى دلالة ( 0,05 ) بين متوسط درجات طلبة مدرسي المجموعة التجريبية التي اشتركت في البرنامج التدريبي ومتوسط درجات طلبة مدرسي المجموعة الضابطة التي لم تشترك في البرنامج التدريبي وفقاً لمقياس الوعي البيئي .

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