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Effect of filler materials on the dry sliding wear behavior of unsaturated polyester resin
تأثير المواد المالئة على سلوك البى الانزلاقي الجاف لراتنج البولي أستر غير المشبع


In this paper, several specimens from unsaturated poly ester resin with different filler materials such as (Fe2O3, CaCO3, CaO, Cement, Ca(OH)2( have beenprepared. Three weight percent have been used as (10%,20%, and 30% wt)from eachfiller materials. Casting samples are grinded by 800 grit using SiC grinding paper andthen washed by distilled water. Dry sliding wear has been done using pin on desktest in different period of wear time as (5,10,15,20,25,30 min). it has been shown thataddition of cement with percent (10 % wt) get lower wear rate for unsaturatedpolyester resin.

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