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تقويم فاعلية تدريسي جامعة تكريت من وجهة نظر طلبتهم

Author: نمير ابراهيم حميد الصميدعي
Journal: Journal Of Educational and Psychological Researches مجلة البحوث التربوية والنفسية ISSN: 18192068 /pissn 26635879 Year: 2016 Volume: 13 Issue: 51 Pages: 141-164
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The university professor is the main theme in the educational process, then we must have prepared attention and study, it is the upper hand in achieving the objectives of education and a factor of development of society and its development factors that set it up and increase the efficiency of the duties of universities and development centers and through that evaluation is essential process and Zerorah to improve his performance, especially if they're the evaluation process from the standpoint of their students research goalsThe current research aims to identify:1. identify the effectiveness of teaching the University of Tikrit from the standpoint of their students2. to identify the differences in the effectiveness of teaching the University of Tikrit from the standpoint of their students according to the following variables: Specialization (humanitarian, scientific) sex (males - females) For the purpose of achieving the objectives of this study, the researcher adopted on the scale prepared by researchers Alazerjaoa and Kazem 2010The researcher found that the efficiency of teaching the professors of the University of Tikrit enjoys a good level, but it was not to be of high quality, as the researcher found that there were no differences in university professors values depending on the variable sex while there were differences in the assessment of the evaluation process depending on the variable of specialization and in favor of Specialization scientific In the end, the researcher presented a set of proposals and recommendations

أن الاستاذ الجامعي يمثل المحور الأساسي في العملية التعليمية إذن لابد أن يحظى إعداده بالاهتمام والدراسة ، فهو اليد الطولى في تحقيق أهداف التربية وعامل من عوامل تطوير المجتمع وتطويره وان إعداده وزيادة كفاءته من واجبات الجامعات ومراكز التطوير وذلك من خلال وان عملية تقويمه مسالة اساسية وظرورية في تحسين ادائه وخصوصا اذا اكانت عملية التقويم من وجهة نظر طلبتهم 0

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