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Applications of Artificial Intelligence
تطبيقات الذكاء الاصطناعي الحالية

Author: هيثم عبداللطيف عمر
Journal: Al-Rafidain University College For Sciences مجلة كلية الرافدين الجامعة للعلوم ISSN: 16816870 Year: 2006 Issue: 18 Pages: 31-41
Publisher: Rafidain University College كلية الرافدين الجامعة


Artificial Intelligence is decomposed into a number of sub disciplines that while sharing an essential approach to problem solving, have concerned themselves with different applications, including Game playing, Automated reasoning and theorem proving, Expert systems, Natural language understanding, and Military applications which include command and control, decision support system and training. The success of machine learning programs suggests the existence of a set of general learning principles that will allow the construction of programs with the ability to learn in realistic domains.

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