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The measure governance universities dimensions for promote entrepreneurship: A Case Study of the University of Anbar according to universities governance card used from the World Bank
قياس ابعاد حوكمة الجامعات لتعزيز الريادة: حالة د راسية لجامعة الانبار وفق بطاقة حوكمة الجامعات المعدة من البنك الدولي


Universities governance became a wide field to discussing, Studying and researching because it become administrative concept to embody through it methodical and program power in practicing management, it is the result of formal and informal react between government, private sector and civilized society to design and develop public policies of universities . Thus this researching field become on the Top of interesting register of different institutions, organizations and governments which intended with institutional structure, reform and development, in management, and improvement the general situation of universities, to mark the fact of Anbar University governance, diagnose and measure its dimensions, this study it was launched in that field by measuring the dimensions of Anbar University governance under the governance card used by the World Bank program and programs access to its entrepreneurship and its success.

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