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Public Interest as Machiavellian Legacy in Social Management and Political Governance
المصلحة العامة لتراث ميكيافيلي في الإدارة الاجتماعية والحكم السياسي

Authors: Hossein Dadkhah Dastjerdi حسين دادخواه دستجردي --- Ahmad Reza Behniafar احمد رضا بهنيافر --- Davood Dadash Nezhad داوود داداش نژاد
Journal: The islamic college university journal مجلة كلية الاسلامية الجامعة ISSN: 19976208(print) 26644355(online) Year: 2019 Volume: 2 Issue: 53 Pages: 155-176
Publisher: Islamic University / Najaf الجامعة الاسلامية / النجف الاشرف


Abstract:-Governments and public administrations have been struggling to cope with productivity in the last century; they have, therefore, transferred fundamental ethical issues in the field of government and public administration without sharing their actions with the public. As the main concept of Machiavellian thinPrince, public interest is an invisible hand, and an immensely efficient tools, that reduces the cost of creating mutual understanding between the government and the people; it, actually, seems to be the cornerstone of a government. One of the most significant and fundamental changes in public administration and government thinPrince occurred during the Renaissance, and Machiavelli presented us with a comprehensive view of the governance and direction of societies in a changing and uncertain world. The present paper examines the concept of interest as an unknown legacy of Machiavelli in the analysis of the underlying foundations of public sovereignty; it, further, examines what should be done in order to realize efficient public management to confront daily challenges, the to return to the sources of the philosophy of Classical politics, how the problems facing public management in societies can be handled by implementing a set of tools and techniques, including standardized and proven tools as a new paradigm in public management, all of which aim at generating and forming good governance behaviors. As a political and legal concept, interest is of paramount importance in the field of administration in all communities. With the advent and development of the principle of interest in government patterns, it is necessary to consider various types and the theoretical foundations and its applied patterns by the experts in terms of the nature and results expected in the general management of various societies, specifically from the perspective of thinkers. For this purpose, the authors considered the political thinPrince of one of the greatest scholars of Western political philosophy as an example in order to form valuable ideas through paying attention to non-Islamic intellectual, political and legal and, to put it more precisely, adapting theoretical foundations and its executive agencies to present systems. Accordingly, the principle of "interest" was designed and pursued at the foundations of Machiavelli's political thought; it is hoped to implicate the findings of the present study in order to develop and generalize the concept of interest in the Islamic Republic of Iran.Keywords: Machiavelli , Machiavellian Political Thought, General interest, Virtue, Luck, Corruption, Social Management.

الملخص:المصلحة العامة كمفهوم رئيسي للتفكير الميكافيلي هي يد خفية تقلل من تكلفة التفاهم المتبادل بين الحكومة والشعب، ويبدو أن هذا المفهوم بامكانه أن يعبتر حجر الزاوية في الحكومات. خلال عصر النهضة إذ يُعدّ أحد أهم التغييرات الأساسية في الإدارة العامة والحكومية المتمثلة في نظرية ميكافيلي، إذ قدم لنا ميكيافيلي في ذلك العالم المتغيیر نظرة شاملة للحكم وادارة المجتمعات ، وهذا البحث يتطرق إلى مفهوم المصلحة العامة كمفهوم غير مدروس وغير معترف به من تراث مكيافيلي في تحليل الهيكل الأساسي للسيادة العامة ويحاول دراسة ما يجب إنجازه في برمجة الإدارة العامة لمواجهة التحديات السائدة في عصرنا، الأمر الذي يتطلب العودة إلى مصادر الفلسفة السياسية الكلاسيكية لإنشاء نموذج جديد في الإدارة العامة وخلق سلوكيات للحكم الرشيدة.الكلمات المفتاحية: مكيافيللي - الفكر السياسي الميكافيلي - المصلحة العامة - الفضيلة - الحظ - الفساد - الإدارة الاجتماعية.

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