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Risk of birth defects and other childhood adverse outcome associated with in vitro fertilization

Authors: Adnan M. Hamawandi --- Khalid H. Salih --- Hind N. Ayoub --- Amanj R. Zangana
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Embryos and Infertility Researches المجلة العراقية لبحوث الأجنة والعقم ISSN: eISSN: 26166984 / pISSN: 22180265 Year: 2014 Volume: 4 Issue: 2 Pages: 40-46
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University جامعة النهرين


Background:In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is an important alternative for infertile couples, there is anincrease in the number of children conceived by IVF worldwide.Objective:The aim of this study was to assess the risk of birth defects and adverse outcome amonginfants and children conceived by in vitro fertilization in Sulaimani-Iraq.Patients and Methods:This case-control study was carried out on 160 children, 75 were product ofIVF(using ICSI) and 85 were product of natural conception. Data collectedregarding mother age, father age, duration of infertility before pregnancy with theindex child, any complication during pregnancy, age of the child, gender, mode ofdelivery, gestational age, weight at delivery, history of neonatal admission andit’s cause, admission to hospital after neonatal period, and history of surgicaloperation. All children were examined for any gross anomaly, cardiovascular,respiratory, gastrointestinal, skeletal, urological and neurologic abnormality.Results: IVF was a risk factor for prematurity (OR, 7.844 95% CI 3.025 - 20.339) ,LBW (OR, 4.645 95% CI 2.038 -10.587), Congenital anomaly (OR, 1.362 95% CI 0.720 -2.576), predominance of male gender (OR, 1.340 95% CI 0.719-2.498), neurodevelopmentaldelay(OR,1.333 95% CI 0.672- 2.646), admission to NICU (OR,1.703 95%CI 1.052-2.758 ), C/S delivery (OR, 1.972 95% CI 1.507-2.581), and childhoodhospitalization (OR, 1.193 95% CI 0.838-1.696), also there was statistically significantassociation with multiple pregnancy.Conclusions:IVF carries increased risk of LBW, prematurity, congenital anomaly, neuro-developmentaldelay, admission to NICU, childhood hospitalization, C/S as a mode of delivery andpredominance of male gender.

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