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The Effect of the Intelligent Tutoring Systems on the Education

Authors: Asst. Lecturer. Ali Talib Qasim Al-aqbi --- Asst. Lecturer. Ahmed Yousif Falih, --- Asst. Lecturer. Basma Jumaa Saleh --- Eng. Nadia Muwafaq Al-juaifari --- et al.
Journal: JOURNAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCHES مجلة ابحاث الذكاء ISSN: 18159745 Year: 2019 Issue: 27 Pages: 683-698
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


Traditional education systems have developed very slowly although they have been used for centuries and cannot handle different learning styles and preparation levels. Many students who interact with one teacher who cannot answer each student's needs are identified by this system. As a result, some students may be frustrated and unable to achieve their educational opportunities. An Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), a software that provides students with personalized instruction tailored to the style and speed of students, is of interest to teachers to improve student learning. To assess the effectiveness of ITS, a systematic review of the latest literature was performed by using carefully renovated protocols that provide data to support meta-study of the effectiveness of ITS. The research question that guides this article is: “Does ITS enhance the education of the students more than the traditional education?” One way ANOVA test, t-test, and KNIME program were performed. The results that came from this study back the conclusion that ITS significantly improves students learning more than traditional teaching methods.

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