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Build House of Quality and it's reflection on cost reduction An Application on the Dijla Company for the aluminum and glass production in Erbil
بناء بيت الجودة وانعكاسه على خفض التكلفة بالتطبيق على شركة دجلة لإنتاج الالمنيوم والزجاج في اربيل


The quality house is consider one of quality management techniques technology which is used by many international companies, particularly Japanese because of the technology's role in the production of products according to the wishes and demands of customers besides this technique contributes to reducing the cost of the quality of products, the researcher tried in this study exposure to how to build a quality house and its role in cost management, particularly related activities, including quality through the stages of its construction, and trying to test it through the application on one of the industrial companies in Erbil. The research concluded several conclusions from the most important lack of familiarity with local companies display quality house and the extent of their contribution to improving the level of the quality of the products that it produces the company as well as lack of knowledge about the extent of the contribution of this technology to reduce the cost of quality products to all its articles, and based on the conclusions reached by the research researcher recommends local businesses, including the research sample application quality house technology to the technique of a role in reducing the cost of the quality of products by the companies having produced and its impact on the profitability of the company.

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