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The Dynamic Behavior of Water Flowing Through Packed Bed of Different Particle Shapes and Sizes
السلوك الديناميكي للماء اثناء جريانه خلال عمود محشولجسيمات مختلفة الاشكال والاحجام

Authors: Haneen Ahmed Jasim حنين احمد جاسم --- Sarmad Talib Najim سرمد طالب نجم
Journal: Journal of Engineering مجلة الهندسة ISSN: 17264073 25203339 Year: 2017 Volume: 23 Issue: 12 Pages: 70-81
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


An experimental study was conducted on pressure drop of water flow through vertical cylindrical packed beds in turbulent region and the influence of the operating parameters on its behavior. The bed packing was made of spherical and non-spherical particles (spheres, Rasching rings and intalox saddle) with aspect ratio range 3.46 < D/dp < 8.486 obtaining bed porosities 0.396<ε<0.84 and Reynolds number 1217<〖Re〗_p< 21758. The system is consisted of 5 cm inside diameter Perspex column, 50 cm long; distilled water was pumped through the bed with flow rate 875, 1000, 1125, 1250,1375 and 1500 l/h and inlet water temperature 20, 30, 40 and 50 ˚C. The packed bed system was monitored by using LabVIEW program, were the results have been obtained from Data Acquisition Adaptor (DAQ).

تم اجراء دراسة عملية لحساب هبوط الضغط للماء خلال جريانه في وسط عمودي أسطواني محشو ضمن المرحلة المضطربة في ظروف تشغيلية مختلفة تتضمن حشوات ذات اشكال كروية وغير كروية (spheres, Rasching rings and intalox saddle) ذات تعبئة عشوائية وبمعدل8.486

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