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The Ideal Usage of Language Techniques in Supporting Merchandise and Advertising

Author: Hussein Ahmed Hussein Adnan Wadei Razouki
Journal: AL-dananeer مجلة الدنانير ISSN: 2224414X Year: 2014 Volume: 1 Issue: 5 Pages: 374-387
Publisher: Iraqi University الجامعة العراقية


Characteristics of the tone at the level of semanticsThe language used in writing a message to achieve any company to a particular business, should consist of good wording that produces favorable action from the reader and receives greater attention that that with bad wording. The right worded letter of transaction whether being letter of an offer, enquiry, complaint, banking, application request, payment…etc. will build good will and trust between the two parties, the address and the addressee and favorably, reflect the both sides' efforts. Wording the letter basically speaks of how to respect the reader's point of view interns of understanding his aims and also observes the principle of shared goals and the style of letter writing should also keep the reader in mind and considering him first and his personal interests and advantages. This is called the "you" attitude. An example that shows the difference in wording (Johnston& Omran, 1986:15):

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