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Incidence of Recurrent Nasal Polyposis After Endoscopic Polypectomy

Authors: Harith Fathi Hameed --- Lateef Hussien Alwan --- Safaa Sahib Naji
Journal: Medical Journal of Babylon مجلة بابل الطبية ISSN: 1812156X 23126760 Year: 2016 Volume: 13 Issue: 4 Pages: 801 -809
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


This a prospective study done to provide reference information about the incidence of recurrent nasal polyposis and associated risk factors among 30 patients operated on by means of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery between Jan. 2012 –Jan 2014. These patients presented in otorhinolaryngology dept. in Hilla General Teaching Hospital presented with symptoms and signs of sinonasal polyposis not responding to medical treatment, the diagnosis confirmed by history taken, clinical examination which involved: anterior and posterior rhinoscopy, flexible and rigid nasoendoscopy, with radiological examinations as plain X-ray films and CT- scan of nose &paranasal sinuses (mainly coronal view) taken to all patients to see middle meatal complex. Then the patients underwent polypectomy by means of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, after that follow-up done during mean period of 12 months (range 3 months – 24 months) included: regular flexible & rigid nasoendoscopy. In our study we estimated the incidence of recurrent nasal polyposis after Endoscopic Sinus Surgery which was 30% and highlighted the risk factors affected this incidence as: age (mostly affected patients at 4th& 5th decade 66.67%), gender (males more than females 3.5:1), presence of some conditions (allergic rhinitis in 33.33%,allergic fungal sinusitis in 22.22%,childhood asthma in 22.22%, eczema in 11.11%, aspirin intolerance in 11.11%, and Samter's triad in 11.11%), previous nasal surgery(simple polypectomy) in 44.44%, and polyp extension as extensive polyposis in 77.78% .

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