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Burnout among the students of the university and its relationship with some variables
الاحتراق النفسي لدى طلبة الجامعة وعلاقته ببعض المتغيرات

Author: Nida'a Jamal Jassim نداء جمال جاسم
Journal: Mustansiriyah Journal of Arts مجلة آداب المستنصرية ISSN: 02581086 Year: 2011 Issue: 55 Pages: 1-34
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


The present study aims at measuring the Psychological Burnout of university students and knowing the Significant differences of psychological Burnout according to gender (male-female) ,specialization (scientific-humauity) and the kind of study (morning-evening).To achieve the aims ,The researcher has built the scale of psychological Burnout with consist s of(35)items in its final form ,distributed on three fields (Emotional exhaustion ,depersonalization and lower personal AccompishmentEach one of them has diffent item such as(13)item such for Emotional exhaustion ,(10)item Depersonalization and (12)items for lower personal Accompilshment .The results show that university students do not have psychological Burnout.And there are no differences in psychological Burnout between males and females,there are no differences in psychological Burnout according to specializaition (scientific ,humanity),and kind of study (morning .evening).The results has been explained in the light of the adopted model in this study which is the constructed relations .In the light of afore –mentioned results the researcher has put forward anumber of recommendations and suggestion to enrich the present study .

استهدفت الدراسة الحالية قياس الاحتراق النفسي لدى طلبة الجامعة ، والتعرف على دلالة الفرق فيه تبعاً لمتغير الجنس ( ذكورــ اناث ) ، والتخصص ( علمي ــ انساني ) ونوع الدراسة ( صباحي ــ مسائي ) . ولتحقيق اهداف البحث قامت الباحثة ببناء مقياس للاحتراق النفسي ، تألف بصيغته النهائية من (35) فقرة موزعة على ثلاثة مجالات هي ، (الاجهاد الانفعالي ، تبلد الشعور ، نقص الشعور بالانجاز ) بواقع (13) فقرة في مجال الاجهاد الانفعالي و(10) فقرات في مجال تبلد الشعور و(12) فقرة في مجال نقص الشعور بالانجاز .


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