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Improving the assessment of the effects of training sessions for the prelaunch in boxing
تحسين تقييم تأثيرات الدورات التدريبية لما قبل الشروع في الملاكمة

Author: Omar Ali Mahdi السيد عمر علي مهدي
Journal: Journal of studies and researches of sport education مجلة دراسات وبحوث التربية الرياضية ISSN: 18181503 Year: 2013 Volume: 35 Issue: 1818-1503 Pages: 324-332
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


National University of Physical Education and Sports of UkraineAbstract. Mahdi O.A. Effect of training to improve the assessment of employment for the prelaunch in boxing. Justified way to assess the effects of training sessions designed to stimulate special battler. This method can be used to customize and increase the focus of specialized training. It is shown that the basis of assessment is the ratio estimates of the body's stress response and the magnitude of the cardiorespiratory system. It was selected training sessions, which had the highest stimulating effect on the components of the special battler.Keywords. Prelaunch in boxing, training facilities, stimulation of the functionality of the body to stress.Justification.In theory and practice of training high-class athletes are searching for new approachesto increase the efficiency of training in the competitive period. One of the most important problemsis the need to develop and use thestimulative impacts in preparation for the competition which increases the impact of the approved system of the facilities and provide a higher mobilization effect before competitive activity of the athletes[2].The practice of sport has some outside training facilities which influences upon the effectiveness of thegetting started [1]. Analysis of the scientific and methodological literature provides a wide range of outside training impacts stimulating operability of athletesincluding boxing[1, 5, 7]. At the same time,literature data indicate the possibility of forming a mobilization effect by using special training impacts. Conceptually, this approach is described in the theory of sport[4].It is based on the combined use of basic and additional training sessions in the competitive period of training.According to the theory of sport, the main sessions are aimed at improving the technical, tactical and other types of training.Additional sessions aim to stimulate the dynamiccapabilities to ensure effective implementation of the existing capacity in the competitive activities.

المستخلص: عمر علي مهدي، تأثير التدريب على تحسين تقييم فرص العمل لما قبل الشروع في الملاكمة. منهجية مبررة لتقييم آثار الدورات التدريبية التي تهدف إلى تحفيز ملاكم خاص. يمكن استخدام هذا الأسلوب لتخصيص وزيادة تركيز التدريب المتخصص. ويبين أن أساس تقييم التقديرات هي تخمينات نسبة استجابة ضغط الجسم وحجم جهاز الدوران/ التنفس. كانت دورات تدريبية منتقاة، وكان لها أعلى تأثير في تحفيز مكونات الملاكم الخاص.


Boxing --- ملاكمة

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