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Climate change and its impact on the phenomenon of desertification in Iraq
التغير المناخي وأثره في ظاهرة التصحر في العراق


Climate change and its impact on the phenomenon of desertification in Iraq.The world is well aware that the increasing environmental effects of desertification and leaving them without any natural or human changes will eventually lead to unspeakable environmental disasters. Human achievements will cause many losses and threaten much of their potential. And finally threatens the human existence at all and after the problem turned into a growing danger in the eighties of the last century has taken a strong intervention among the priorities of contemporary problems facing the environment, so broke the concept of desertification and international forums and political, especially after the Nairobi Conference in 1977 and when the problem of changes In Iraq, desertification has been known since ancient times. Desertification rates have persisted to date. Iraq has suffered from the problem of soil salinity, which is still ongoing, as well as the manifestations of desert encroachment. It worked as rapid climate change, especially in the elemental temperature and rain to the expansion of desertification and march towards agricultural and pastoral land, so will set our attention on this subject to its importance and what it poses a major threat to the future of Iraq.

أدرك العالم بشكل جيد أن تعاظم الآثار البيئية للتصحر وتركها من دون احداث أي تغيرات طبيعية أو بشرية سيؤدي بالنهاية الى حدوث كوارث بيئية لا يحمد عقباها, وسوف يكبد الانجازات البشرية الكثير من الخسائر, ويهدد الكثير من طاقاتها. وينذر بالنهاية بخطر يهدد الوجود البشري على اهتمامنا على هذا الموضوع لأهميته وما يشكله من خطر كبير على مستقبل العراق.

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