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Effect of High and low temperature and different relative humidity on biology of old Serew worm Chrvsomya bezziana (Villeneuve) Diptera: calliphoridae
تأثير درجات الحرارة المنخفضة والمرتفعة ومستويات مختلفة من الرطوبة النسبية في حياتية ذبابة الدودة الحلزونية الاسيوية Chrvsomya bezziana (Villeneuve) Diptera: calliphoridae

Authors: Emad A. Mahmood عماد احمد محمود --- MOHAMAD A. AL-IZZI سولاف عبد خضير --- SOLAF A. ALHURANE محمد عبد جعفر العزي
Journal: Baghdad Science Journal مجلة بغداد للعلوم ISSN: 20788665 24117986 Year: 2004 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Pages: 58-64
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The effect of some environment faetor (different temperature and relative humidity) on the biology of the old world- screw worm, were studied under laboratory condition, the result showed that non of the eggs hatched at 15°c and under dried eondition which relative humidity between 20-40%, also result showed that the mature larvae needs one days to become pupa since it leaves the larval died at the temperature ranged between 25-40°C at different humidity rates. While it needs 3 days under lower temperature and different humidity to become pu^, on the other hand the results showed that either low temperature and dried condition or high temperature at different humidity rates cause non of pupa became adult. While low temperature (15-20) °c at suitable humidity rate will elongate pupal, further more it is also noticed that the suitable temperature ٠٢'؛ pupa؛ development ranged between 25- 35°C under different relative humidity rate and it ranged between 5-8 days.

تم دراسة بعض العوامل البيئية (درجات حرارة ونسب رطوبة مختلفة)على حياتية ذبابة الدودة الهلزونية الاسيوية


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