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Image Compression Based on pattern Style

Authors: Tawfeeq A. Abbas Alasadi --- Nawfal Turki Obais
Journal: Journal of University of Babylon مجلة جامعة بابل ISSN: 19920652 23128135 Year: 2012 Volume: 22 Issue: 1 Pages: 228-232
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


In this paper we describe a hybrid method to image compression which contains a texture pattern.The proposed system consists of two parts (compressed and decompressed). The compressed part consists of the following stages: a.Apply the pattern context method to determine the pattern. b.Apply adaptive Conditional Image RLE to choose the optimal context to be compressed. c.Apply the proposed algorithm.Finally the decompressed part consist of many stages each one regard as inverse to correspond stage in compressed part.

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