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Wirelessly Controlled Irrigation System

Author: Zain-Aldeen S. A.Rhman
Journal: Iraqi Journal for Electrical And Electronic Engineering المجلة العراقية للهندسة الكهربائية والالكترونية ISSN: 18145892 Year: 2014 Volume: 10 Issue: 2 Pages: 89-99
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


In the city of Basrah, there is an urgent need to use the water for irrigation process more efficiently for many reasons: one of them, the high temperature in long summer season and the other is the lack of sources fresh water sources. In this work, a smart irrigation system based wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is implemented. This system consists of the main unit that represented by an Arduino Uno board which include an ATmega328 microcontroller, different sensors as moisture sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, XBee modules and solenoid valve. Zigbee technology is used in this project for implementing wireless technology. This system has two modes one manual mode, the other is a smart mode. The set points must be changed manually according to the specified season to satisfy the given conditions for the property irrigation, and the smart operation of the system will be according to these set points.


Smart irrigation --- WSN --- Arduino Uno --- Moisture.

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