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The Grave Verses in the Holly Quran
آيات القبر في القرآن الكريم

Author: Muhammad Taha Yaseen Al Dulaymy محمد طه ياسين الدليمي
Journal: Research and Islamic Studies Journal مجلة البحوث والدراسات الاسلامية ISSN: 20712847 Year: 2015 Issue: 39 Pages: 331-376
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment دائرة البحوث والدراسات /ديوان الوقف السني


The search talks about the generous verses that mentioned in the Holly Quran ,where the grave was mentioned and what happens in it of judgment , and what the dead faces there , showing the warnings that Muslim must protected of them ,to make him safe of tortures by that horrible site

La recherché pred les versets dans le noble Coran qui parlent sur la tombe et de ce qu’il y existe de supplices sur les morts montrant ensuite les avertissements qu’on doit être prudent pour le musulman à fin d’ être à l'abri de tourment de cette foudre terrible...

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