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الفعل المضاعف السرياني حقيقته ومعانيه دراسة سامية مقارنة

Author: أ.م. محمد راضي زوير المقدادي جامعة بغداد/ كلية اللغات- قسم اللغة السريانية
Journal: journal of the college of basic education مجلة كلية التربية الاساسية ISSN: 18157467(print) 27068536(online) Year: 2017 Volume: 23 Issue: 98/ انساني Pages: 473-490
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


Paper Summary:The language scientists and specialists differed on the name of verb multiplier. Some of them actually call the weak verb1, and some of them call it the juncture, and some of them call it the multiplier. This difference in the name was generalized to all the grammarians from the Arabs, Syrianic and orientalists2. In fact, all the names mentioned indicate the name, confusion is that already called the multiplier so as not to confuse the students, researchers and science students, whichever is intended to label the double weight (Fa’) or weight debilitating (middle) (Faa) knowing that the weight of the triple verb multiplier in the morphological balance is (Faal) the fact that (pulling = stressed) and so on by multiplying the same letter of the verb. so we will use the name multiplier.Because of the Syriac studies of morphology and grammar, as is well known, few studies are related to the Arabic and Hebrew studies, so many of the subjects of the Syriac language have been devoid of in-depth, non-specialized descriptive studies, so that those who seek research in a grammatical or morphological topic find it very difficult to understand all parts of this issue.In this study and due to the absence of separate study unique to the study of Syriac multiplication verb. We will study the Syriac multiplied verb by a morphological and exclusive study, and it will mention the most famous Syriac multiplies verbs and its kinds with the declension of the Syriac multiplier verb with the pronouns of acts in the past, present tense and the imperative. Also how to derive the Active Participle, Objective Participle and the infinitive form from that verb. To know when to lose the doubling of the letter and when we do not. Then we try to find out the semantic meanings of this verb to find the source in the Syriac texts we have available trilateral or quadrilateral verbs by a Semistic comparative study. We hope that the paper may be useful and enrich the Syriac library as well, according to scientists and researchers. ...

الفعل المضاعف السرياني حقيقته ومعانيهدراسة سامية مقارنةأ.م. محمد راضي زوير المقداديجامعة بغداد/ كلية اللغات- قسم اللغة السريانيةالملخص :أختلف النحاة والباحثون على تسمية الفعل المضاعف فمنهم من يسميه بالفعل المضعف( ) ومنهم من يسميه بالفعل المدغم ومنهم من يسميه بالفعل المضاعف وهذا الاختلاف في التسمية شمل جميع النحاة من عرب وسريان ومستشرقين( ) ،وفي حقيقة الامر أن جميع المسميات المذكورة تدل على المسمى الا ان الدلالة القواعدية التي تبعد اللبس هي أن يسمى بالفعل المضاعف حتى لا يلتبس على الدارسين والباحثين وطلبة العلم ايهما المقصود بالتسمية المضاعف وزن (فعّ) أم الوزن المضعف العين (فعّل) مع العلم أن وزن الفعل المضاعف الثلاثي في الميزان الصرفي هو (فَعَلَ ) كون أن شدّ = شَدَدَ وهكذا... لذا سوف يجري البحث بتسمية فعلنا بالمضاعف .

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