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تصميم وتحليل قدم صناعي غير مفصلي لذوي الاحتياجات الخاصة


ABSTRACT:Loss of the lower limb can cause loss of mobility .At all places and at all times, efforts have always been made to make up for such a loss. The basis of this investigation is to research current prosthetic in order to design and build a more human like prosthesis. Also this investigation aims at combining these characteristics in order to achieve a more multi functional prosthesis. In undertaking such a design, the new prosthesis will be exhibit a broader range of characteristics than those displayed in current prosthetic feet. In doing so, the new prosthesis will enable a closer representation of the functions inherent of a normal human foot. The characteristics involved in normal walking include dorsiflexion, impact absorption and fatigue foot test. The characteristics displayed in the manufactured new foot tested were compared to those of SACH foot. The characteristics exhibited by prostheses which compared favorably to those of a human foot were investigated further. A new prosthetic foot is designed and manufactured from polyethylene and a comparison study with SACH foot was used to determine if there are differences in the gait pattern while wearing the NEW foot and whether these differences would be problematic. The basis of the new prosthetic design combines current prosthetic design elements, such as materials and components. The analytical part presents the results of the static and fatigue analysis by methods; numerical methods (Finite Element method FEM) and experimental methods. The new foot was designed and the number of cycle, dorsiflexion and impact were measured. The new prosthetic foot has a good characteristic when compared with the SACH foot, such as good dorsiflexion (7.8-6.4o), force transmitted at impact heel (9.82N-9.50N) and life of foot (2,103,445-896,213) cycles respectively.

. 303و لطالما حاول الإنسان ،على مر العصور ، أن يجد بديلا يحل محل الطرف المفقو د .وعليه فقد تناول هذا البحث إجراء عدة تغييراتعلى تصميم قدم صناعية جديدة لمحاكاة القدم الطبيعية للإنسان وكذلك تم التداخل فيما بين الخصائص العامةللقدم المصنعة في محاولة للحصول على قدم متعددة المهارات وبهذا أظهرت القدم الجديدة المصنعة مدىواسع من الخصائص أكثر مما هو عليه في الإقدام الصناعية في البحوث السابق ة . مما جعل القدم الجديدةالمصنعة تقترب من حيث كافة الخواص الميكانيكية للقدم الطبيعية، ومن أهم تلك الخصائص السير الطبيعيمتضمنًا الانحناء الطولي ومعدل امتصاص طاقة الصدمة واختبارات عمر الكلال لتلك القدم.

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