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Density of commensal rodent species in Baghdad area
كثافة أنواع القوارض في منطقة بغداد

Author: Raad Hammodi Hasson
Journal: Diyala Journal For Pure Science مجلة ديالى للعلوم الصرفة ISSN: 83732222 25189255 Year: 2010 Volume: 6 Issue: 4 Pages: 314-320
Publisher: Diyala University جامعة ديالى


Commensal rodents are important medically & economically in human life.Estimation of commensal rodent species densities in districts of Baghdad area. Baitedtrap/night method campaign lasted about 4 months in 1988 ; density equation & soft warestatistical analysis programs were applied.Density means were 30.16 ± 4.2 , 2.067 ± 0.989 ,0.695 ± 0.548 & 32.92 ± 4.18 for Rattus norvigecus , Rattus rattus , Mus musculus & the summeans of rodents respectively ; Only Rattus norvigecus & the sum of means have normaldistribution (A-D normality test) . R. norvigecus, R. rattus, M. musculus & the sum of means,in addition to the negative Correlations between the three species were not significant at 0.05levels respectively. Differences between R. norvigecus and each of R. rattus & M. musculusor between R. rattus & M. musculus density means were significant at 0.05 level; where theR. norvigecus mean was the highest.Species densities varies among Baghdad's districts ,where the R. norvigecus mean was the highest then R. rattus & finally M. musculus . Givenparameters are useful for rodents control and minimizing its transmissible diseases

القوارض مهمة طبيا واقتصاديا في حياة الإنسان. تقدير l كثافة أنواع القوارض في بعض المناطق من بغداد. استمرت حملة اصطاد طريقة فخ / ليلة نحو 4 أشهر في عام 1988؛ استخدمت برامج التحليل الإحصائي وكانت الكثافة للجرذ norvigecus ،30.16 ± 4.2 2.067 ± 0.989، 0.695 ± 0. المعلومات مفيدة للسيطرة على القوارض والتقليل من الأمراض التي تنتقل بها.

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