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السياسة الخارجية التركية والملف النووي الإيراني


Turkey is a key nations in the Middle East because of its location Strategy is important, as well as their potential economic, military and Tlterha political, with the receipt of the AKP to power in 2002, Turkey began to play a role regionally prominent, making it a pivotal state in solving the many problems in the world and the Middle East in particular through the use of soft power to solve, in order to achieve their goals and interests. The starting hypothesis of this study of the basic point that, Turkey has started since 2002, reset its problems with neighboring countries, including Iran, to have a site important and influential in the region, has been suspended subject the Iranian nuclear file, Turkey played a mediating role to resolve this problem between Tehran and the Bank, therefore, Turkey has adopted the use of and follow the ways of diplomacy in resolving this issue, and that to us achieve the goals and requirements Sasthe of Foreign Affairs.The study was divided as follows: - Turkish foreign policy

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