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Study Kartokravah measure pattern and efficiency of health centers In the province of Basra between 1995 -2009
دراسة كارتوكرافية لقياس نمط وكفاءة المراكز الصحية في محافظة البصرة بين 1995 -2009

Author: Hassan Aday Karam Allah حسن عداي كرم الله
Journal: ADAB AL-BASRAH آداب البصرة ISSN: 18148212 Year: 2010 Volume: 1 Issue: 54 Pages: 187-229
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


The research aims to use the thematic maps and quantitative thematic maps to learn the pattern of quantity and efficiency of health centers in Basrah. It also contains a set of maps of relevant variables that gives a full shape of the map and substantive role in the substantive analysis of quantitative data. The importance of this research is through the selection of cartographic representation and analysis of quantitative geographical research generally and health centers particularly.The research hypothesis based on the idea that its possible to measure and analyze the pattern and efficiency of health services if properly adopted the map representation cartography quantitative addition to the chart. It also includes; research methodology and hypothesis, the concept of thematic map, rating thematic maps and its importance, the problems of mapping, scale, and statistical analysis of characteristics of health services.The main purpose of this research is:- The pattern of distribution of health centers as administrative units in the province.- Realizing the efficiency of the relationship between medical staff and health and population by administrative units.- Show the extent of homogeneity in the distribution of health centers.It have found out a set of results demonstrated the importance of the map in assessing the level of the health services and their role in presenting the image of the spatial distribution of phenomena and their relationship with each other. The usage of the map-scale is drawing preferably high in these studies because they are more detailed and the best solution.There is a clear difference between expected and actual distribution of health centers in Basrah province and found that the pattern of the distribution centers tends to be a tight pattern that is characterized by indiscriminate and distances between points are not regularly.There is a strong relationship between the population's size and number of the workforce in the health centers as it reached the value of the correlation coefficient between them to 0,97. Finally, there have been used a set of symbols and means of representation of cartographic representation as applied to the way points in the map.

يهدف هذا البحث إلى استخدام الخرائط الموضوعية بصورة عامة والخرائط الموضوعية الكمية لمعرفة نمط وكفاءة المراكز الصحية في محافظة البصرة. ويتضمن مجموعة من الخرائط تمثل المتغيرات ذات العلاقة والتي تعطي صورة للخارطة الموضوعية ودورها في تحليل البيانات الكمية.تأتي أهمية هذا البحث من خلال اختيار التمثيل والتحليل ألخرائطي الكمي في البحث الجغرافي عموما وخدمات المراكز الصحية خاصة.تعتمد فرضية البحث إلى انه بالإمكان قياس وتحليل نمط وكفاءة الخدمات الصحية إذا ما اعتمدت الخارطة بشكل صحيح في التمثيل الكارتوكرافي الكمي إضافة إلى الشكل البياني.تم اختيار المنهج الكمي التحليلي في تفسير وتحليل الخرائط.يشمل البحث المنهج, فرضية البحث, مفهوم الخارطة الموضوعية, تصنيف الخرائط الموضوعية وأهميتها, مشاكل إعداد هذه الخرائط, مقياس الرسم, والتحليل الإحصائي لخصائص الخدمات الصحية.

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