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Imam Ali Peace Be Upon Him in The Councils of Al-Sayed El-Murtada
الإمام علي (عليه السلام) في مجالس السيد المرتضى

Author: Abbas Ali Al-Fahham عباس علي الفحام
Journal: AL-MUBEEN المبين ISSN: 2414 1313 Year: 2016 Volume: 1 Issue: 1 Pages: 163-200
Publisher: the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein العتبة الحسينية المقدسة


Specify search entitled (Imam Ali, peace be upon him in the councils of Al-Sayed El-Murtada), the study of the impact of distinctive scientific common name academically (Amalie El-Murtada) AlSharif El-Murtada aware of Huda Ali Bin Hussein Al Mousawi deceased (436a.h). Walamali collection dictate a common place in the age of the Sharif El-Murtada meant what the dictates of sheikh on his students from lectures or councils, or what is written by his handwriting. The name drawnup by Al Sayed El-Murtada in Alamalih (Gharar Al Fawaed, Durar Al Qalaed) signed in two parts, total implicity from the councils of 80 councils, distributed the Emir of the believers peace be upon him in many of them, thus we classified this beautiful rememberance with two sections are: Firstly: Singled in (Quranic councils) and included two demands of interpretative stances by Imam peace be upon him, and the second what was telling about him in reading. In the other side the second research was singled out in (literary and linguistic councils) opened up to several details such as: unification literature, and literature answers brief Almsketh for Imam peace be upon him and Imam in the poetry, and strange talk for Imam. research has attempted to uncover the scientific nature which characterized Al Sayed El-Murtada to accept other views his ancestors from various sources, even those who disagree with him in belief and public opinion, turns their views and reviewed without defamation or restriction, accept that it is in a quiet, scientific, often displays the new opinion of its own in the language or the jurisprudence or rhetoric.

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