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The Narratological Structure of Stating in Balaghat, Al-Nisa’The Narratological Structure of Stating in Balaghat, Al-Nisa’
البنية السردية للخبر في كتاب بلاغات النساء

Author: D. Akeel Abdul- Hussein د0 عقيل عبد الحسين
Journal: Journal of Basra researches for Human Sciences مجلة ابحاث البصرة للعلوم الأنسانية ISSN: ISSN PRINT 27073580 /ISSN ONLINE 27073599 Year: 2007 Volume: 32 Issue: 1-A Pages: 116-138
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


The main properties of Stating are:1.The Stability of form.2.The connection with history.3.The connection with the incident which is a property found in Balaghat, Al-Nisa’These properties have determined the structure of narratology. The role of the narrator is to express his own opinion of view or attitude. He is employed to convey a piece of information.Stating in Balaghat, Al-Nisa’ divided into two parts: verbal and incidental. To deal with this subject matter, the researcher resorts to the concept of stating unit which is a unit of telling or stating. It depends on speech or incidents in conveying the meaning to arrive at the end. Depending on any one of them will create a stating unit which has its effect on conveying a statement. Each one has its own different functions. The verbal unit for example has the function on stating political opinion, political job, teaching or learning. On the other hand, the incidental unit has various functions of which are about seven in number. This could be because of the absence of speech pr stating which leads the way to different reading

من اهم سمات الخبر النوعية ثبات الطبيعة والصلة الحضرة في التاريخ او التي يحرص على حضورهافي الخبر والأتصال بالحادث والواقعي وهي سمة موجودة في كتاب بلاغات النساءوقد حددت هذه السمات ملامح الدراسة للبنية السرديةاذ يتقلص دور الراوي الذي لايتدخل في المروري وفي متن الخبر ولا يؤثر فيهولا يستغله لاظهار وجهة نظرهاو مواقفه ، وانما يوظف لنقل الخبر خارج سلسلة السند ويوظف ليوثقه في داخله0

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