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Hierarchical Clustering for Categorical and Normal Attributes

Author: Raed Ibraheem Hamad
Journal: Journal of Baghdad College of Economic sciences University مجلة كلية بغداد للعلوم الاقتصادية الجامعة ISSN: 2072778X Year: 2007 Issue: 15 Pages: 327-338
Publisher: Baghdad College of Economic Sciences كلية بغداد للعلوم الاقتصادية


The amount of data kept in computer files and databases is growing at a phenomenal rate. At the same time the users of these data are expecting more sophisticated information from them. the problem of data mining or knowledge discovery has become increasingly important in recent years.there is an enormous wealth of information embedded in large data warehouses.Alternatively the data mining has been called exploratory data analysis,data driven discovery, and deductive learning. the clustering algorithm which is one of the data mining algorithms is useful technique for grouping data points such that points within a single group/cluster have similar characteristics.

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