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Discourse Analysis for Translation with Special Reference to the Consecutive Interpreter's Training

Author: Abdul Salam Abdul Majeed Sayfuldeen عبد السلام عبد المجيد سيف الدين
Journal: ADAB AL-BASRAH آداب البصرة ISSN: 18148212 Year: 2010 Issue: 51 Pages: 25-40
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


The sentence is generally considered the upper limit of linguistic investigation. Several linguists have approached the problem of linguistic structure beyond the sentence. In the late fifties, studies of structure of whole texts began to appear as an awareness of grammatical relations obtained across sentence boundaries and increasing interest in discourse structure in general as well. Those linguists using the functional model, which is adopted in this study, to recognize the requirement for the linguistic analysis to be applicable to whole texts. As a result they made insightful contribution to the field of discourse analysis. Hence, there is a confusing tendency for translation theorists to regard the whole text, the basis of discourse analysis, as the unit of translation. Free translation has always favored the sentence; literal translation the word. Now, free translation has moved from the sentence to the whole text. Trosborg (2000:217) argues that the argument has been revived in the recent years by those who maintain that the only true unit of translation is the whole text. This view had been supported in discourse analysis which examines a text as a whole in its relations and cohesion at all levels higher than the sentence. The present study explores the connections that might usefully be made between discourse analysis and translation, and how can discourse analysis help the translator? It falls into four sections: Section one is an introduction which refers to some related definitions of the basic terms. Section two sheds the light on the discourse analysis studies . Section three discusses the concept and the significance of text as the basis of discourse analysis and translation. Section four is a concluding chapter of this study with some suggestions that may be helpful in solving the students' problems in the perspective of seeing the text as a whole.

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