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Seasonal Variation in Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Iraq

Author: BBaasshheeeerr HH.. SSaallmmaann* , Hasan A. Al-Hamadani**, AtheerJ. Abdulameer
Journal: Iraqi Academic Scientific Journal المجلة العراقية للاختصاصات الطبية ISSN: 16088360 Year: 2017 Volume: 16 Issue: 4 Pages: 412-418
Publisher: The Iraqi Borad for Medical Specialization المجلس العراقي للاختصاصات الطبية


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage is the deadliest and most disabling type of stroke. Spontaneous ICH is defined as intraparenchymal bleeding in the absence of trauma or surgery. Seasonal effect on incidence of intracerebral hemorrhage had Longley been studied with unrewarding, and conflicting results.OBJECTIVE:To determine whether different seasons of the year had a relationship with the rate of primary intracerebral hemorrhage,and some of the factors that may contribute for this relationshipPATIENTS AND METHODS:A total of 315 patients diagnosed as a case of primary intracerebral hemorrhage attending AL-Imamain Medical City were taken between December 2009 and December 2011. Females were 112(35.6%) and males were 203(64.4%) aged between 18 and 93 years old with mean age group of 59.298±13.7616. The diagnosis was based on history, clinical examination and non-contrast Computed Tomography scan of brain.RESULTS:Of the 315 patients, the highest rate of cases during December being 13.7% and the lowest during February and October being 4.1% and 4.8% respectively. Intracerebral hemorrhage rate among age group less than 55 years old being 42(34.71%) of 121 patients during summer. There was a significant relationship between winter season and intracerebral hemorrhage incidence among diabetic patients being 29(34.52%) of total 84 diabetic patients. 74(93.67%) of 79 patients presented during winter season had a large sized hemorrhage.CONCLUSION: The highest rate of intracerebral hemorrhage during December There was a seasonal variation in patient’s age, incidence among diabetic patients and size of hemorrhage.

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