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Weapons and war tools in Umayyad poetry
الأسلحة وأدوات الحرب في الشعر الأموي

Author: M.Dr.Etimad Jassim Mohammed م.د.اعتماد جاسم محمد
Journal: Research and Islamic Studies Journal مجلة البحوث والدراسات الاسلامية ISSN: 20712847 Year: 2019 Issue: 57 Pages: 7-28
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment دائرة البحوث والدراسات/ديوان الوقف السني


Weapon in Umayyad Poetry In their poems، the Umayyad poets mentioned the tools of the most common weapons of their time in various ways،trying to know their glory. The research concluded that the weapons of war were of two types، old and modern. The old is the one that has been common since the pre-Islamic era، such as the eagle، the sword، the spear، the bow، …… The modern is familiar with other nations such as the catapult and the tank and the will.... etc. Although the old weapons are more common and more sensitive to them، they have not stopped mentioning other weapons of war. In addition، the poets sought to show the importance of the weapon and its impact in resolving battles and victory. And their names and descriptions and places of manufacture and some of the makers. And the extent of the care of the fighters، and their keenness to acquire and own. At the same time، the Umayyad poetry revealed the importance of the military number as a sense of its importance in the civilized life of the civilized man and its necessity to preserve its survival and the continuity of its civilization in preserving the dignity، survival and dignity of the nations and tribes and human beings. The poet did not exclude the Umayyad warfare except mentioned in his poetry، which calls for the manifestations of power، which employs all possible energies to respond to the aggressor and scourge them to send a witness to his ability and heroism. The most common war tools and supplies for the Umayyad poet are the sword، spear، bow، arrow، horse، and armor. It is the same species that took place on the Sunnah poets of the pre-Islamic era and the era of Islam، because the Umayyad poet was emulating the ages that preceded him in many aspects of his life and thinking. However، it reached a reality، in which it imposed on historyitself، which happened from the innovation and novelty of the previous; and the result of the political reality، war، social and intellectual as well as new. Indeed، the Umayyad poet was able to combine the inherited past with the innovative new.

كان للحروب المتواصلة في العصر الاموي الأثر الواضح لظهور شعر السلاح الذي يصور الحروب التي خاضها المسلمون، والاسلحة التي كانوا يستخدمونها في المعركة واهمية كل نوع . للمقاتلين واستنهاض هممهم، وأخذ شعر السلاح ًفأخذ الشعراء الامويون يشيدون بانتصاراتهم تشجيعا بوصف السلاح.ً في أشعارهم ، ودخل في معظم أغراضهم الشعرية ارتباطاً واسعاًحيزا ، كما تطرقوا ً الشعراء الامويون بوصف السلاح وأنواعه وصفاته ، بل تطرقوا الى اجزائه أيضاِولم يكتف الى الاسلحة المتطورة من السفن والاساطيل الحربية التي كان لها الدور الواضح في معاركهم وذلك بحكم طبيعة الحروب التي خاضوها ضد الروم خاصة، كما استخدم الامويون المنجنيق والدبابة . والشاعر الاموي كان يستمد عناصر صوره من مخزونه الثقافي او من الحضارة الجديدة التي امتزج بها وتفاعل معها واطلاعه على حضارات الامم الاخرى، فاضفى ذلك على شعر السلاح مسحة جمالية فجاءت صوره معبره عن ذوقه الفني ، ولطف خياله ، مما جعل بعد صوره مبتكرة.

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