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Assessment of the fear of Delivery among Women at Labor

Author: Rabea, M. Ali
Journal: nursing national Iraqi specility المجلة العراقية الوطنية للعلوم التمريضية ISSN: 18122388 Year: 2007 Volume: 20 Issue: 1,2 Pages: 1-20
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


AbstractObjective: To assess the fear of laboring women regarding the delivery on themselves and their newborns.Methodology : A descriptive study was conducted on (100) pregnant women who where admitted to labor room in Al- Yarmock Teaching Hospital/Maternity Units, Fatima Al- Zahra and Ibn-Al Baladi Maternity and Pediatric Hospital. The questionnaire was consisted of pregnant women socio-demographic data, reproductive data and fear items of labor. Data were collected by using a questionnaire format, through interview technique and reviewing pregnant records, descriptive and inferential statistical procedure were used to analyze the data.Results: The main results of the study revealed a high mean of scores with moderate (RS) in women's fear regarding labor on her self ( labor difficulties ,dying during labor, labor pain related to uterine contractions, prolonged labor, fear of being left alone, fear of episiotomy, and exposure to infection ) And on their newborn in (delivery of unhealthy or abnormal newborn ,newborn death during or after delivery, head dystocia, fetal asphyxia, and exposure to cold and infection ). The findings also presented significant differences between women's fear regarding labor on themselves and socio demographic and reproductive variables in (age, education, residency, socioeconomic status, history of abortion, pregnancy &delivery complications ), and on their newborn in (age, education, type of family .gravidity, parity, history of abortion, &pregnancy complications).Recommendation: Educational program can be designed to orient the pregnant women toward physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy, labor & delivery process and Initiation of prenatal education classes in primary health care centers. Key wards : Fear of labor, fear of delivery, psychology of labor and activity.

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