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Detection of Hidden Object In Speech Based on Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm

Author: Mahmud k. Kadum
Journal: Engineering and Technology Journal مجلة الهندسة والتكنولوجيا ISSN: 16816900 24120758 Year: 2011 Volume: 29 Issue: 2 Pages: 374-385
Publisher: University of Technology الجامعة التكنولوجية


In this paper steganalysis technique is proposed on the basis of spectraldomain analysis using Discrete Fourier Transform, Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm(DFT_FFTA). The aim from using this algorithm is to provide robust evidence forpresence of hidden object in speech segment. The Discrete Wavelet Transform(DWT) is used to decompose the speech segment, 20 seconds in length. The speech isdecomposed to the third level. An image of 512x512 pixels embedded in the thirdlevel of the speech coefficients. Reverse Discrete Wavelet Transform (RDWT) isapplied to get a speech with hidden object (image) called stego-speech. DFT_FFTA isused to analyze the stego-speech to discover an evidence of hidden object in the stegospeech.Experimental results shows that the proposed algorithm is comparable topreviously existing techniques and give very clear and strong indication for theexistence of stego-object

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