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A learning methodology for the development of visual kinetic compatibility
منھج تعلیمي لتنمیة التوافق البصري الحركي وتأثیره في تعلم مھارة حائط الصد بالكرة الطائرة

Author: ulllah abd maher Aliyousuf علي یوسف ماهر عبدالاله
Journal: Modern Sport journal مجلة الرياضة المعاصرة ISSN: 00911992 Year: 2017 Volume: 16 Issue: 3 Pages: 177-192
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The game of volleyball is one of the team games that needs a high and precise training for a student to master the skills of the game and should have physical and mental abilities to learn the basic skills of the gameThe major development that happened in the whole world in different fields especially in the speed of using technology mainly computers that have the main role in delivering the data to the recipients in the whole worldThat’s why the mental skills are important in various physical games specially In volleyball which needs coordination of Visual compatibility locomotor during playing because any mistake leads to losing,the mental skills have a big role in the volleyball game as in making Bulwark because it needs coordination between hand and vision for every stimuli during playingSo the importance of this research is to make a learning method to improve the skills of bulwark and the Visual compatibility locomotor for the students of second grade using feena systemThe problem lies in the lack of attention to research the psychological aspects of the curriculum and The lack of attention to modern technology Through the use of moderntechniques in these programs because the psychological factors experienced by the students as they went skills have an important role in the evaluation of the level of their performance skills through some psychological tests computerized system in accordance with the Vienna, As well as a weakness between the motor and visual capacity and the weakness of the synergies between the vision and skill of hands bulwark for the students of the second phase at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports ScienceBaghdad universityThe sample is that part which represents the research community asset or a model that is being researcher him the entire work (2), Consists of the research community students in the second phase of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science / Baghdad University for the academic year 2015-2016 totaling 200 students spread over seven people study , The research sample have lost selected randomly through the draw as it consisted of (two divisions) (g) and (f) of the males were divided into experimental and control group, amounting Division (g) (32) students either Division (f) has reached (33 ) and by (15) students per group and this is the total number of the sample (30) students out of 200 students and this number is a percentage of (15%) of the research community and is suitable to represent the community the proportion of good representation, and Baadalhsolaly results and processed statistically reach Seathaly several conclusions 1- That its intended role and positive impact in learning the skill bulwark Volleyball under tutorial2- The exercises synergy have influenced positively in skill bulwark Volleyball under discussion.

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