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Isolation of Candida spp. from Women with Yeast Vaginitis and Study the Effect of Different Types of Douching on Candida spp.

Author: Alaa M. Hasan
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology المجلة العراقية للتقانات الحياتية ISSN: 18154794 Year: 2017 Volume: 16 Issue: 1 Pages: 61-70
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


The interest of current research was to determine the effect of different types of vaginal douching (which are commercially available in pharmacies and legally prescribed by gynecologist to female patients with vaginal yeast candidiasis on Candida species). From ninety seven vaginal swab samples which were collected in the presence of specialized Gynecologist, sixty seven samples were positive, while thirty samples were negative. Candida isolates includes different species as follows, Candida albicans 46 isolates (68.65 %), C. tropicales 11 isolates (16.41 %), C. parasilopses 7 (10.44 %), and C. kyfer 3 isolates (4.47 %). The inhibitory effect (inhibition diameter) of douches was ranged from 50 mm in Gyno Baking Soda to 5 mm in Women Care, while some types of douches had no effect at all. Finally, it was concluded that despite the inhibitory effect for many types of douching on yeast isolates, such douches were cannot be used as a treatment for yeast vaginitis since they may increase the risk of yeast vaginal infection.

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